Stetson Wind Farm :

Location: Lincoln, Maine, USA

Client: Evergreen Wind Power (First Wind)

Wind Generation Capacity: 83MW

Transmission Line Voltage: 115kV

Transmission Line Length: 61km

Structure Type: Single Pole Wishbone w/ Stand-Off Insulators

Services provided:

  • Right-Of-Way clearing
  • Material procurement
  • Transmission Line construction
  • Right-Of-Way restoration
  • Compliance to Maine DEP

Other Challenges:

  • 100% Offroad Construction
  • Transmission Line Crossings
  • Highway crossings at Highways 116, 169, 170 & 2
  • 6 River Crossings
  • Maine Environmental Laws dictate that machines working off-road must travel on swamp mats.
  • Swamp Mats are 4 – 12”x12” Timbers, 20’ long, bolted together.
  • 8,500 Swamp Mats were placed along the Right-Of-Way and had to be distributed to maximize the efficiency of the work crews.

Project Map :