PowerTel – experts in transmission line planning, design, construction, and maintenance:
PowerTel has become a leader in transmission line planning, design, construction, and maintenance. Over the last 45 years, our work across the continent in every environment imaginable has proven our abilities in all aspects of the industry. Honest, efficient, reliable and knowledgeable, PowerTel serves our clients better than any other contractor in existence. Feel free to browse through the details of a few of our recent successes in transmission line construction:
Maritime Link Transmission Project:

Voltage:230kV Length: 160km Completed in: Current

The Alternating Current portion of Emera Newfoundland & Labrador’s massive Maritime Link Project consists of 160km of transmission line through steep, rocky terrain from Bottom Brook to Granite Canal in Western NewfoundlandREAD MORE
New Gold Rainy River Gold Mine:

Voltage:115kV Length: 16.7km Completed in: 2016

New Gold’s new mine near Fort Frances, Ontario uses a 230kV transmission line to power its operations. New Gold’s success in the volatile mineral markets bodes well for future mine projects in North AmericaREAD MORE
Goshen Wind Farm:

Voltage:115kV Length: 23.6km Completed in: 2014

Goshen Wind Farm is connected to the provincial grid via a 115kV transmission line. The line is mostly off-road, an obstacle easily overcome by PowerTel’s fleet of PowerTraxx off-road rubber tracked vehicles.READ MORE
Jericho Wind Farm:

Voltage: 115kV Length: 15.6km Completed in: 2014

PowerTel completed Jericho Wind Farm on a time and material basis, and ended up coming in on time and under budget for Borea / NextEra. This proves PowerTel’s commitment to providing a quality product at the lowest cost to our clients. READ MORE
Dufferin Wind Farm:

Voltage: 230kV Length: 47km Completed in: 2014

Dufferin Wind Farm is slated to produce 100MW of renewable energy under a 20-year agreement with the Ontario Power Authority. The project crosses 2 townships on both owned and leased land. READ MORE
Bluewater Wind Farm:

Voltage: 115kV Length: 24km Completed in: 2014

The Bluewater Wind Farm is part of the Nextera “6-pack” of wind farms in Southern Ontario, a group of clean-energy generating farms that will ultimately produce over 460MW of power for Ontarians. READ MORE
White River Hydro Project:

Voltage: 115kV Length: 24km Completed in: 2015

The White River Hydro development is located east of Marathon, Ontario. The generating station is set to produce 19MW of power on completion. READ MORE
South Kent Wind Farm:

Voltage: 230kV Length: 35km Completed in: 2014

South Kent Wind Farm is located south of Chatham, Ontario. The wind farm will produce clean and renewable energy equivalent to the annual needs of approximately 100,000 homes. READ MORE
McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm:

Voltage: 115kV Length: 10km Completed in: 2014

McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm is located on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, just south of Little Current. Power is transmitted off the island to connect to the provincial grid. READ MORE
Detour Lake Gold Mine:

Voltage: 230kV Length: 180km Completed in:2013

Detour Lake Gold Mine is located 150km NE of Cochrane, in remote Northern Ontario. The transmission line currently powers mine operations. READ MORE
Greenwich Wind Farm:

Voltage: 230kV Length: 10.3km Completed in: 2012

Located just north of Dorion, Ontario (about 60km NE of Thunder Bay), the Greenwich Wind Farm is the second wind project to be installed along Northern Lake Superior. PowerTel constructed the twin-circuit 2-pole transmission line using a brand new design. READ MORE
Talbot Wind Farm:

Voltage: 230kV Length: 10.4km Completed in: 2010

Talbot Wind Farm is located just north of Lake Erie, adding to the large portfolio of wind projects in the Chatham-Kent area. PowerTel crossed Highway 401 and many different types of farmland over the length of the line. READ MORE
Port Alma Wind Farm:

Voltage: 230kV Length: 12km Completed in: 2008

Located just north of scenic Port Alma, Ontario, this transmission line crossed sensitive farmland to connect the Port Alma Wind Farm to the provincial grid. READ MORE
Stetson Wind Farm:

Voltage: 115kV Length: 61km Completed in: 2008

Stetson Wind Farm is located along a high mountain ridge near Baskahegan Lake, east of Lincoln, Maine, USA. The transmission line for this project was built with offroad equipment riding on 12”x12” timbers along the entire length of line – a Maine State law. READ MORE
Umbata Falls Hydroelectric Development:

Voltage: 115kV Length: 23km Completed in: 2006

The Umbata Falls Hydroelectric Project is located about 30km east of Marathon, Ontario. Despite there being a 230kV transmission line running right beside the dam, the project had to be connected to a 115kV line 23km North of the project site because of capacity issues on the east-west tie. READ MORE
P21G Structure Replacement:

Voltage: 230kV Length: 80km Completed in: 2006

Brookfield Power / Great Lakes Power contracted PowerTel to replace 139 Gulfport structures that had sustained damage due to age, insects, and woodpeckers. PowerTel used resin poles instead of wood to counter the deterioration seen in this area of Northern Ontario. READ MORE
Omushkego Ishkotayo:

Voltage: 115kV Length: 270km Completed in: 2002

The Omushkego Ishtayo transmission line was built by the James Bay First Nations, for the James Bay First Nations. This massive undertaking required extensive planning and development from PowerTel, and successfully connected 3 remote First Nations communities to the provincial grid READ MORE