Substations & Electrical Projects

PowerTel – experts in substation and switching station construction, and inspections:

In 45 years, PowerTel has constructed, worked on, or inspected countless substations, switching stations, and terminal points all across Canada and the Northeastern United States. Our expertise in this field is unmatched, and our reputation is to complete our projects on time, on budget, and with perfect professionalism. Our knowledge of the industry provides our clients with the comfort of knowing that their project will be completed and ready to be energized when their schedule requires.

We invite you to examine a few of our recent projects:

Cochrane Solar Substations:

Voltage: 34.5V – 115kV
Generation Capacity (overall): 30MW
Completed in: Under Construction
Cochrane Solar Farm is just outside Cochrane, Ontario. This Northern Ontario Project consists of 6 stations total across 20km of land. READ MORE

Norman GS Substation:

Generation Capacity (overall): 14MW
Completed in: 2014
Norman GS is located just outside Kenora, Ontario near the Manitoba border. The facility has been producing power since 1898. READ MORE

McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm Stations:

Voltage: 115kV
Generation Capacity (overall): 35MW
Completed in: 2014
McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm is located on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, just south of Little Current. Power is transmitted off the island to connect to the provincial grid READ MORE

Kapuskasing River Projects:

Voltage: 25kV
Generation Capacity (overall):22MW
Completed in:2013
The Kapuskasing River Projects encompass 4 hydroelectric power generation sites on the Kapuskasing River, south of the city of Kapuskasing. There is a substation located at each site, and PowerTel was contracted to build all 4. READ MORE

Lower Mattagami River Hydroelectric Project:

Capacity :440MW
Completed in:2013
The Lower Mattagami River project is a combined effort between Ontario, OPG, and Moose Cree First Nation. When completed, it will produce 440MW more power at 4 already existing dam sites. PowerTel was selected to build 3 substations and 1 switching station for this project. READ MORE

Kirkland Lake Gold Substation:

Voltage: 115kV
Capacity : 10MW
Completed in: 2011
Kirkland Lake Gold is in the late stages of a mine expansion aimed at improving the output of the mine. This 115kV substation is part of the expansion project. The mine is located in the Southern Abitibi gold belt. READ MORE

Clarabelle Mill Substation:

Voltage: 69kV
Capacity : 20MW
Completed in: 2011
Clarabelle Substation can be seen on the side of Sudbury’s Elm Street (RR35) on the way to Azilda. This station was rebuilt to upgrade the electrical service to Vale’s Clarabelle Mill, part of a $200M investment to improve the mill’s output. READ MORE

Gartshore GS Substation:

Capacity :23MW
Completed in: 2009
The Gartshore Generating Station was originally built in 1938. In 1990, PowerTel built the 115kV lines that still service the Montreal River area dams today. The substation built by PowerTel replaces the old station with up-to-date equipment and materials. READ MORE

Vale Totten Mine Substation Vale Totten Mine Substation:

Voltage: 69kV
Capacity : 18MVA
Completed in: 2007
Totten Mine is the first new nickel mine in 35 years in the Sudbury Basin. The substation built by PowerTel allows mine site operations to make use of the 69kV transmission line that runs to the site. READ MORE

DeBeers Victor Mine Substation:

Capacity :60MVA
Completed in:2006
The Victor Diamond Mine is the first diamond mine located in Ontario. It sits well north in the province, along the Muketei River, about 90km W of Attawapiskat READ MORE