Railveyor Prototype Project

Vale INCO invested $10,000,000 to build a test track for a new way to transport ore. Railveyor is a system that propels a line of carts on tracks using electric-drive stations.

Services Provided: Full EPC services – From point of connection at Vale’s 5kV Delta system through to 3-Phase Y connections inside control panels, and low-voltage wiring inside the panels.

Number of poles:20

Number of drive stations: 8

Number of transformers: 25

Number of terminations: 48

High Voltage Circuit Crossings: 3 (via messenger cable and attached HV cable)

(Rare) Conductor used: 4/0 Hard Drawn Bare Copper

Unique Underground: Because of the terrain and design of the system, power cables were trenched in innovative configurations. All secondary power comes from underground cabling.

Sensitive Equipment: Crews had to use heating tents to protect the control panels from the extreme cold and precipitation that they encountered during installation.



Project Map: