King Street Rebuild

In 2009, Greater Sudbury Utilities contracted PowerTel again to assist in upgrading their distribution system. The King Street Rebuild consisted of relocating and raising a 44kV sub-transmission line. Located below this line is a lower voltage local distribution line feeding area homes and businesses.

PowerTel worked quickly and efficiently to improve this section of line, maintaining power throughout the neighbourhood until the time came to transfer service to the new line.

The new system allowed old structures to be removed, massive, ancient 3 transformer banks to be replaced with new single pole mounts, and maintenance efficiency to be streamlined.

The new line crosses private property, major roadways and a railroad track.

Type of work completed (both energized and de-energized):

  • Replacing poles
  • Rock Bores
  • Hydrovac
  • Relocating High Voltage conductor
  • Installing new anchors
  • Relocating existing anchors
  • Installing house services
  • Replacing & moving arrestors, switches, and other equipment
  • Relocating underground cable
  • Installing new streetlights

Project Map: