Bell Alliant Fibre Project :

In order to service the next generation’s demand for bandwidth and speed, Bell is completely overhauling its fibre optic system in Sudbury. In June of 2012, PowerTel began upgrading Greater Sudbury Utilities’ (GSU) electrical distribution system to allow for fibre-to-the-home service.

Working with GSU, who have been contracting High Voltage work to PowerTel for decades, PowerTel has been reconfiguring poles, relocating conductor and communications, and getting the system as a whole ready for ultra high speed service. Originally intended to test the service in a small area within Sudbury, the project contract has since been expanded many times as PowerTel crews continue to impress with their unbeatable safety practices, quality of work, and production levels.

Type of work completed (both energized and de-energized):

  • Replacing poles
  • Re-framing existing poles
  • Relocating High Voltage conductor
  • Relocating communications cable
  • Installing new anchors
  • Relocating existing anchors
  • Moving house services
  • Replacing & moving arrestors, switches, and other equipment
  • Relocating underground cable

Sudbury Star Article – $30-M investment in city

Project Map :