Distribution Lines

PowerTel – experts in distribution line construction and maintenance:

PowerTel’s highly skilled workforce is pivotal to our success in distribution line construction and maintenance. Highly trusted by utilities and communities across North America, PowerTel has performed every project contracted to us with efficiency, expertise, and transparency.

Distribution system projects completed by PowerTel include:

Bell Alliant Fibre Project:

Completed In: 2013
Client: Bell Alliant / Greater Sudbury Utilities
This project involves upgrading Greater Sudbury’s distribution system city-wide to allow for Bell’s new direct-to-home fibre technology. READ MORE

Hurricane Sandy Emergency Response:

Completed In:2012
Client: Multiple American Utilities
For the second time in as many years, PowerTel crews have been called down to the Northeastern United States to assist in returning power to businesses and families in the wake of Hurrican Sandy. READ MORE

Greenwich Wind Farm Collector System:

Completed In: 2012
Client:RES Americas
In addition to constructing the revolutionary transmission line for the Greenwich Wind Farm, PowerTel built the collector system for the project. This system bring the power generated by the wind turbines to the main substation, where power is converted and fed into the transmission line. READ MORE

Greater Sudbury Utilities King Street Rebuild:

Completed In:2010
Client: Greater Sudbury Utilities
This project cleans up an old and weathered powerline running through the heart of the City of Sudbury. READ MORE

Whitefish Lake First Nation Subdivision Power:

Completed In: 2010
Client: Whitefish Lake First Nation
Located in scenic Naughton, Ontario, this subdivision has 23 building lots to allow for Whitefish Lake First Nation’s expansion plans. READ MORE

Totten Mine Site Distribution Project:

Completed In: 2009
Client: Vale
This system provides site power for the new Totten Mine in Fairbanks, Ontario. READ MORE

Rail Veyor Demonstration Site Power:

Completed In: 2008
Client: Rail Veyor
The first Rail Veyor demonstration site in Canada, this new technology promises to remove dirty diesel engines from underground operations. READ MORE