Atlantic Projects

PowerTel – experts in HIGH VOLTAGE planning, design, construction, and maintenance

PowerTel has become a leader in transmission line planning, design, construction, and maintenance. Over the last 45 years, our work across the continent in every environment imaginable has proven our abilities in all aspects of the industry. Honest, efficient, reliable and knowledgeable, PowerTel serves our clients better than any other contractor in existence.

Feel free to browse through the details of a few of our recent successes on North America’s East Coast:

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro 230kV Structure and Insulator Replacement:

Completed In: Current
This project for Nalcor’s Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro improves system reliability and the longevity of these transmission lines. READ MORE

South Canoe Wind Project:

Voltage: 34.5kV
Length: 26km
Completed In: Under Construction
The South Canoe Wind Project is located in the municipal district of Chester, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. Comprised of 34 Acciona 3MW wind turbines, the project is expected to produce enough energy to serve 32,000 homes. READ MORE

NB Power Transmission Maintenance:

Voltage:Up to 69kV LIVE
Completed In:Under Construction
In 2014, NB Power restarted its program for contracting out maintenance on its transmission system. This most recent request was for personnel services for construction and maintenance of transmission lines, including work on energized facilities up to and including 69 kV at various locations. PowerTel had been performing very similar work for NB Power in 2003 before the company ended this program. READ MORE

Nova Scotia Power Maintenance Contract:

Voltage: Up to 230kV
Completed In: 2008
In 2007, PowerTel was awarded the maintenance contract to perform upgrades to Nova Scotia’s aging transmission system. READ MORE

L7011 Structure Changeouts:

Voltage: 230kV
Length: 139km
Completed In: 2008
This project included changing items on hundreds of structures, including poles, crossarms, x-bracing, and insulators. The line covers rough terrain from one end of Cape Breton Island to the other. READ MORE

L6503 Live Line Insulator Change:

Voltage: 115kV LIVE
Length: 63km
Completed In: 2008
This project saw Nova Scotia Power permitting PowerTel to work on live transmission infrastructure. Every suspension insulator on the line was changed out under live conditions using hotline sticks and techniques. READ MORE

New Build Line 1157:

Voltage: 138kV
Length: 26km
Completed In: 2004
NB Power needed Line 1157 to connect substations in Memramcook and Montcon, New Brunswick. Terrain crossed was incredibly rough and offroad equipment was a major requirement. READ MORE