2014 brought some major change to the PowerTel institution:

PowerTel’s ownership changed

Founded in 1968 by Clary Gatien and Herb Krueger, PowerTel remained wholly owned by the original founders’ sons until January 2, 2014. Wayne and Dean Gatien and Mike and Chris Krueger sold all of the issued and outstanding shares of PowerTel to buyers from Atlantic Canada. The new owners can provide the financial backing necessary to bond hundred-plus million dollar projects, an increasingly common requirement in today’s high-voltage construction industry. The current PowerTel team perfectly mixes the old with the new, and Wayne Gatien still serves as President of PowerTel.

PowerTel opened a new office in Atlantic Canada

In order to better service the eastern provinces and states of North America, PowerTel now has an office located in Bedford, Nova Scotia. This office has already proven its worth, with PowerTel currently working on projects in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. To continue this success in 2015, we are confident that we will be awarded a significant portion of the Maritime Link Project. The scope of the work PowerTel would perform includes 160kms of new 230kV transmission line, in addition to 70kms of grounding lines in both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. PowerTel expects confirmation of this in February, 2015. PowerTel is very much looking forward to commencing this work and continuing to maintain a long-term presence in Atlantic Canada

PowerTel has another record year

In 2014, PowerTel performed more work and successfully energized more projects than in any other year in our 48 year history. From the magnificent Winnipeg River in Kenora, Ontario near the Manitoba border to the harsh terrain just outside St. John’s Newfoundland and everywhere in between, PowerTel completed projects across a 3,000km swath of North America. We literally floated our newest PowerTraxx units across oceans to work offroad more efficiently this year, and it paid off. Some of the projects worked on by PowerTel this year include:

  • Dufferin Wind Farm – 45km 230kV Transmission Line
  • Bluewater – 24km 115kV Transmission Line
  • NBPower 2014 maintenance
  • South Canoe – 26km 34.5 kV Collector System
  • Jericho – 15.6km 115kV Transmission Line
  • Newfoundland Hydro 230 kV upgrades – Insulator and Structure Changeouts
  • Goshen – 23.6km 115kV Transmission Line
  • White River – 24km 115kV Transmission Line, 1 Interconnect Station, 2 115kV Substations
  • Norman Sub – 15kV / 115kV Substation
  • K2 Sub – 500kV Substation
  • New Brunswick Power Maintenance – Transmission System work as required

PowerTel expands utility construction vehicle fleet

PowerTel’s fleet is the largest of its kind in North America. The 14 brand new rubber tracked vehicles we acquired in 2014 reinforce our ability to take on the largest projects in the harshest terrain. These vehicles include flatdecks and dump decks, insulated aerial devices, radial boom derricks, and huge construction cranes. Our fleet of PowerTraxx vehicles is meticulously maintained and inspected to ensure our readiness for the next big project.