McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm Successfully Energized

The 10 km 115kV transmission line and 3 high-voltage stations were energized this week for Northland Power’s McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm. PowerTel was subcontracted to H.B White Canada Corporation to work on all 4 components of this challenging build. With an immediate start date and tight scheduling and budget requirements, PowerTel workers performed efficiently and safely and completed the project as required.

The McLean’s Mountain Wind Project is located on the largest freshwater island in the world. The 35 MW of renewable energy produced by the turbines has to be transmitted underwater across the North Channel in order to connect to the provincial grid.

PowerTel faced many challenges in constructing this transmission line. The flaky limestone encountered required very specific anchoring materials and techniques, and a narrow right-of-way made the structure design different than would be used under normal circumstances. PowerTel’s extensive experience in building transmission lines in Northern Ontario was incredibly valuable in completing this project according to the client’s criteria.

This energization marks another successful grid connection for the PowerTel team. Please visit the McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm Transmission Line or the McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm Stations Pages for more details on this project.