Company History

1946 — Clary Gatien begins a career as an electrical apprentice through his older brother Rene.

1953 — Clary and Rene Gatien open a company called Central Canada Construction Limited.

1966 — Clary and Herb Krueger partner on a new venture they call Power and Telephone Constructors Canada Limited.

1968 — Clary & Herb incorporate PowerTel Utilities Contractors Limited.

1970 PowerTel is moved to Whitefish, Ontario, to better access the booming Sudbury area mining economy.

1982 PowerTel constructs the transmission line to power Detour Gold mining operations for the first time.

1988 — Wayne and Dean Gatien buy Clary’s share of the company and become Herb’s partners. Wayne becomes president, Dean becomes vice-president.

1999 PowerTel is awarded the contract to construct the Five Nations Energy Ommushkego Ishkotayo project, a transmission line and stations that brought grid-connection to 3 remote diesel-generation communities. It was PowerTel ’s biggest project to date, and was completed on time and under budget.

The POWERTEL Bucket Truck

Over the years, PowerTel has changed the look and feel of the vehicles we use to provide High Voltage services:






2002 — Detour Lake Gold Mine transmission line is decommissioned and torn down when the mine closes as a result of low gold prices and inefficient processes.

2003 — Mike and Chris Krueger buy Herb’s share of the company and become Wayne and Dean’s partners. Mike becomes Director of Operations, Chris becomes Director of Business Development.

2011PowerTel begins construction on the 180km 230kV transmission line to power Detour Gold for the second time.